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01Colegio Internacional Terranova, the aesthetic sensibility andartistic expression are dimensions of the human being which we particularly treasure. We know that many of our students wish to deepen their inner exploration and we therefore offer diverse artistic activities known as Academies, to channel their concerns.

During afternoons, we currently offer Elementary and Jr. High students three optional Academies in our school´s campus:


  • Theatre Company.

To experience and provoke widening the possibilities to communicate on stage (body, tone of voice, sensations), and through physical and imaginative exercises, students attend awakening sessions twice a week geared toward freeing their inner self which in addition provides them an opportunity to work as part of a team, solidarity and generosity.

In the course of our school year, students get involved in the entire creative and scenic process which ultimately results in the staging and performance of a theatre play.


  • Orchestra.

Students attend and participate twice a week to learn and develop musical abilities which awaken their artistic sensibility; working as part of a team within the framework of an orchestra. At the end of the school year, students will have gained the ability to execute and play a musical instrument: violin, piano or guitar, their choice.

Likewise, students participate in scheduled performances so as to launch themselves both within the school and beyond.

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  • Creative Arts Workshop.

An environment geared toward the development of imagination and creativity via diverse exercise, practices and dynamics executed by observation, imitation, imagination and creation. To this end, regular, every-day objects, natural textures, photos, sculptures, paintings and mixed media are utilized.

With the aid of musical dynamics and sensitization, students -through play and experimentation- will learn, realize and produce plastic-arts projects.

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