03Us at Colegio Internacional Terranova live and breathe the following principles:

     1. Regard the entire educational task as a developmental factor that promotes a more open, plural and inclusive society that values diversity.

    2. Conceive the individual person as the heart of the educational endeavor rooted out of strengths.

    1. Learning takes place by relating directly with the object of study, through inquiry and discernment.
    2. Value the development of language to express, communicate and nourish thinking abilities.
    3. Social interactions which are genuine relationships based on trust and mutual respect, fostering dialogue as paramount means to solve conflicts.
    4. Collaborative work is ongoing throughout our entire institution, 100% at all areas.
    5. With every single action undertaken, we value the processes which deliver results.
    6. Our community carries out permanent actions which reflect its commitment to the natural and social environment.
    7. Value art appreciation and its expression as an essential component to the integral development of the person.
    8. Continuous learning, new training and refresher courses for adults are ongoing at our institution
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