Teacher Training


As support to students´ and teachers´ everyday activities, our School has a team of highly specialized expert professionals from various fields, who provide their services so as to achieve superior performance levels from all members of our school community:


Training and development of teachers have remained essential to us from the very start. The need for continuous training and consequently, the professional growth of our teachers is a priority to guarantee the superior quality of our educational offer and ongoing betterment of our school.

Our system responds to our twofold purpose: preserve permanent teacher development and support the successful deployment of guidelines established by the International Baccalaureate® (IB).

To achieve this goal, teachers, regardless of their highest educational level in their area of expertise, participate in 4 hours per week for 32 weeks as they take the Specialized Course "Una Visión Constructivista para la Ensenañza y el Aprendizaje", as well as biweekly workshops of discernment and analysis relative to the IBO.

Through "Asesoria y Servicio", we perform feedback rounds administered by expert consultants, by section principals and/or more experienced colleagues who conduct visits to classrooms and support teacher activity practices.

Colegio Internacional Terranova regards Teacher Training as a way of life.

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