Educational Model

primariaThe essence of our educational programme is inquiry. We seek that our students achieve a balance between acquiring newconceptsknowledgeabilities and attitudes which derive inaction.

Said programme aims at developing a conceptual understanding which transcends facts and brings students to applicable inferences which are effective for all fields of knowledge; thus the programme’s character is both transdisciplinary andinternational.

We rank high in priority language mastery both Spanish and English; the development of logical-mathematical thinking and the expression through the arts; promoting learning through social interaction where students bring to bear prior knowledge.


Our learning environment promotes collaborative work and stimulates students’ interests and curiosity. It provides situations which allow choice and develop independence while at the same time it promotes inquiry and discernment.


We provide students with a consistent and balanced routine which offers them safety and independence day to day and during the entire school term. The key work routine axis is performing tasks at our workshop, which provides students the possibility to learn as part of a team, within small groups and individually.

We are the first school in San Luis Potosi authorized to provide the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate® (IB).

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