The Taught Curriculum

How best will we learn?

The PYP curriculum is defined broadly to include an approach to teaching and learning, in recognition of the fact that, in practice, the two are inextricably linked. The taught curriculum is the written curriculum in action. In the PYP, the taught curriculum is part of what the continuum of IB programmes calls the approaches to teaching (ATT). The taught curriculum reinforces the pedagogy of authentic learning that is inquiry-based and conceptually driven. The programme is committed to structured, purposeful inquiry that engages students actively in their own learning. In the PYP it is believed that this is the way in which students learn best. In this way, teachers can support them in constructing meaning.

The taught curriculum also touches on the approaches to learning (ATL) which are currently identified as “transdisciplinary skills” in the PYP. The ultimate intention of ATL across the IB continuum is to develop self-regulated (self-managed, self directed, independent) learners through skill based, process focused teaching.

The deliberate use of ATT strategies and ATL reinforces a holistic experience that not only addresses students’ cognitive development, but their social, emotional and physical well being.

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