After School

In order to enrich and strengthen the integral development of aesthetic, physical and motor aspects of our students, Colegio Internacional Terranova offers diverse arts and sports programs during the extracurricular time in the afternoons. These programs build experiences, skills and abilities for those who participate. 

Extended Schedule

The school offers this service to families who, because of work or work related activities, need to pick up their children at 16:00 hours.

This service is available from 14:00 until 16:00 hours and includes the following:

  • A healthy and balanced served lunch.
  • Guidance and teacher advice when doing homework.
  • Recreational games or activities.

There are three options to choose from:

  • Monday to Friday (5 days a week).
  • Tuesday and Thursday (2 days a week).
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday (3 days a week).

Arts Programs

What do we develop?
  • Possibilities of communication, expression and artistic appreciation through a playful, critical and constructivist way.
  • Artistic inquiry that encourages imagination and creativity.
  • Appreciation for the arts and its socio-cultural impact in a variety of places and contexts.
  • Appreciation and experimentation of meaningful encounters.
  • Individual discipline and development within collaborative tasks.
  • Learning of creative projects through varied teaching strategies.
Values to be experienced
Aesthetic appreciation and artistic expression within a setting of creative reflection about the socio-cultural impact.
Who is it for?
Primary, Middle and High school who wish to experience the field of arts.
What do we offer?

✔ Theatre
✔ Music (Orchestra, choir and a rock band)
✔ Visual Arts

Artistic Projects

Performances occur three times throughout the school year, beginning with a sample of progress in December, artistic performances in March and recitals, exhibitions and theatre performances at the end of the school year, each taking place in different places in the city including public or private social support institutions.  

Sports Programs

What do we develop?
  • Habits that contribute to the development of a culture of physical fitness.
  • Highly collaborative teamwork.
  • Competent students rather than competitive.
  • Character development by building resilience when faced with challenges.
  • Representative school teams in different sports scenes (i.e., tournaments or leagues) composed of boys and girls of different ages.
Values to be experienced
Sports culture and development of skills, competencies and physical abilities, that contribute to the improvement of one’s quality of life
Who is it for?

Primary, Middle and High school students who wish to participate in sports.

What do we offer?

✔ Track and Field
✔ Soccer
✔ Basketball
✔ Volleyball

Sports Activities

Teams will participate in leagues and tournaments such as the “Sports League” (Liga Polideportiva), which groups the educational institutions of a particular nature in the city of San Luis Potosí.



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