Primary School

For our students, we seek a balance between the acquisition of concepts, knowledge, skills and attitudes that result in students taking action. The learning environment promotes collaborative work and stimulates interest and curiosity in the student. We foster constructivist learning experiences that allow student choice and the development of autonomy, while at the same time facilitate inquiry and reflection..

What do we do in Primary School?

  • We enjoy learning: we explore, inquire, question, and work with hands-on materials. 
  • We explore the world through the IB Programme of inquiry 
  • We socialize with children that come from other parts of the world and learn about their cultures. 
  • We spend half of the day learning in Spanish and the other half in English. 
  • We learn to appreciate the arts through music, theatre, dance and visual art. 
  • We develop the love of reading through use of the grand library. 
  • We care for the environment.
  • We participate in sports teams in the afternoon. 
  • We are digital learners through use of digital technology resources in the classroom.

Upon completion of Primary School, the students are able to:

  • Take on an active role on their own learning. 
  • Make choices
  • Express opinions. 
  • Form questions and express doubts. 
  • Communicate knowledge and understanding. 
  • Construct new meaning
  • Participate and contribute to the learning community. 

With these tools, our students are prepared to move on to the next stage in Middle School. 



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