“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” 

Jorge Luis Borges


Since its conception, the library has been considered the heart of Colegio Internacional Terranova, as it is the center where teachers and students are supported with bibliographic resources necessary for their inquiry processes and where, through various strategies, the pleasure of reading and love of literature is promoted.

Preschool & Kindergarten

Middle & High School

Terranova libraries are attractive and comfortable spaces located in strategic places with easy access. Currently the library collection contains approximately 25,000 holdings in diverse languages, both in literature and for consultation, which widely covers the investigation and reading needs of our educational community.

Destiny Virtual Catalog

eBook Digital Library


Circulation and Lending
  • The library collections support the curriculum and contain physical and digital resources.
  • The library subscribes to various online databases that provide a wide range of resources for investigation, including National Geographic, CNN and NASA.
  • Books are lent for a period of two weeks and can be renewed twice.
  • Parents may borrow books under the name of the child.
  • Book loans are limited to 3 books per patron.
  • An overdue fee of $1.00 peso per day is charged for each item overdue until it is returned. In case of a lost or damaged item, the item must be paid for or replaced.
  • Materials that are used by two or more classes will be put on reserve in order to be accessed by students and will not be available for loaning.
  • eBook Digital Library available for students and teachers in junior high and high school
  • Biblio Terra Inquiries (specialized electronic reference service available from 8am to 3pm according to the school calendar)
  • Kindergarten: 9:00 to 13:00.
  • Primary School: 7:30 to 15:00.
  • Middle and High School: 7:00 to 15:00

Authors who have visited Terranova:

  • Ledo Ivo (2008)
  • Jordi Virallonga (2008)
  • Ana Neumann (2009)
  • Neri Fernández (2008)
  • Alberto Ruy Sánchez (2009)
  • Rosanna Curiel Defossé (2009)
  • Mónica Brozon (2010)
  • Martín Solares (2010 y 2018)
  • Verónica Leite (2010)
  • Victor Ronquillo (2011)
  • Francisco Hinojosa (2011)
  • Emilio Lome (2011)
  • Armando Vega Gil (2012)
  • Marcos Almada (2012 y 2015)
  • Rolando Kattán (2013)
  • Antonio Ramos Revillas (2013)
  • Francisco Haghenbeck (2014)
  • Benito Taibo (2015)
  • Ricardo Chávez Castañeda (2015)
  • Gloria Ávila Dorador (2015)
  • Jairo Buitrago (2016)
  • Marcela Arévalo (2017)
  • Norma Torres (2017)
  • Juan Gedovius (2018)
  • Memo Plastilina (2018)
  • Adriana González (2018)
  • BEF Bernardo Fernández (2019)



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