How many students are there in each class and how many classes are there in each grade?
  • In Kindergarten, there are 18 students in a class and there are two classes in each grade.
  • In Primary School, there are 24 students and there are three classes in grades 1 to 5 and two classes in 6th grade.
  • In Middle School there are 25 students in each class and there are two classes in each grade.
  • In High School there are 25 students in each class and there are two classes in each grade.
What are the school hours?



Seeds (Pre-K)

Roots (K1)

9:00 13:30
Leaves (K2) 9:00 13:45
Trees (K3) 8:30 13:45
Primary School
1st and 2nd grade 7:45 14:00
3rd and 4th grade 7:45 14:15
5th and 6th grade 7:45 14:25
Secundaria y Bachillerato
 7th to 12th grade 7:10 14:40
How is discipline handled?

The IB Learner Profile and teacher training allows us to be close to each student promptly detect any unusual situation. 

The educational system promotes collaborative work, leadership and friendship between our students, substantially reducing the chances of conflict. 

For matters of discipline in general and particular cases, we have implemented the Positive Discipline program, which serves as a guide for teachers in handling such behavioral aspects. This program is based on communication, love, understanding and empathy.

Do you have activities outside school hours?
  • Students have the opportunity to take academic and cultural trips. 
  • Service activities  
  • Learning experiences inside and outside of Mexico that promote the development of English and participation in service activities. 
  • Camping trips starting from K2 
  • Athletics
  • Arts
Does Terranova provide lunch for students?

The school offers the cafeteria service to students in Middle and High School, always thinking of a balanced and nutritious nourishment.

In order to support families, the cafeteria offers a lunch service for Kindergarten and Primary School students. This lunch is delivered to each student in their classroom. This service can be organized by contacting the cafeteria directly at:  cafeteria@terranova.edu.mx

Do students wear uniforms?

Yes, students should come to school well groomed and wearing the uniform that corresponds to the grade they are in. This applies to students in Kindergarten to grade 9. In high school, students use comfortable clothing appropriate for work and the formality of a school environment.  

When are the vacations?

The school closes for approximately two weeks in December/January and also closes for two weeks in observance of “Semana Santa” (Easter). The school follows the indications and official calendar provided by SEER.

If my child is ill, what do I have to do?

It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to notify the school when a child is ill.
For students in Kindergarten or Primary School, please contact the school by email or phone.
For students in Middle and HIgh school, parents are asked to write an email, even if a phone call is made.

The Parent-Student Handbook contains additional information as well as the table below.


Sección Teléfono, horario y correo electrónico

444 841 6422, 23 o 24

8:00 a 14:00 horas


Primary School

444 841 6422 o 24 

8:00 a 14:00 horas


Middle School and High School

444 841 6422 o 24 

8:00 a 15:00 horas


International Student Department

444 8 41 64 22 or 24 

8:00 to 15:00 hours






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